What are some fool proof ways to grow your game from absolutely nothing?

So currently in the processs of trying to grow my game and I’ve been putting out stuff on youtube and tiktok but the reach just isnt there and especially on youtube, I dont have robux to advertise or sponsor nor would I, what really else is there to help; I’ve contacted a youtuber about my game and they said it was super fun and would make a video about it but have yet too see that video though…


So, I was uploading shorts about my game on the desktop verison of tiktok and another account and was getting like 200-(MAX 300) views and I would upload multiple videos once after another then they would just be stuck at 0 which was really annoying… mind you I wasn’t shadowbanned and my videos werent under review either

But then I switched to my phone and literally uploaded a video I had uploaded on my tiktok account on desktop and it blew all my previous ones out of the water with 1.2K views in a very short amount of time, I then uploaded some more and they are doing really well, hopefully this at least helps someone

When you upload your first video to TikTok, it will be subject to strict review, so it won’t be visible to anyone for a certain amount of time, or won’t be visible at all if it doesn’t pass review.

TikTok is a platform where people are looking for fast and interesting content. If you cannot hold the audience’s attention, then they will not only not play your game, but also forget about its existence after scrolling through 3-4 videos in the feed. Therefore, you must have the most addictive content possible. You need to come up with some interesting idea and implement it. For example: “I bet my friend that my game would be more popular than his” or something like that. You need to study the area in which you are developing, see how other people do it. Ask yourself whether it’s even interesting to play your game or watch your video, and why the videos of other games get so many views, but yours are not so popular.

For example, in your videos it is not at all clear what you want from the user, you do not show visual content and do not present an idea, you just say how great your game is, but the audience does not like all this, they need something visual and there must be a reason, why they would like to play your game (idea). But I want to note that in the end you did everything correctly, leaving the name of your game in such a simple and understandable format. Try to make it as easy as possible for your audience to interact with your projects.