What are some game ideas for new developers like me?

Hello! I am new to creating games. The only game I’ve built without using any free models is a very simple obby game, what are some types of games besides obbies I can make without a lot of hassle and a lot of prior knowledge?


You could try doing a tycoon, I’m pretty sure that this is an ideal type of game for new developers like you.

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Well since you’re new, Roblox offers huge possibilities along with your creativity, yet some big projects require a bit of knowledge snap, you still can make ideal games, I preferably go for FPS or story games.
But you can go with smaller starter ones such as a sword fighting game or a tycoon as @DMCPEPlays mentioned, the possibilities are unlimited, all you have to do is:

  • imagine what you want and if its the most simple thing.
  • Plan it and put dedication into it.
  • do it.

Before you try to make a game, you should learn all about scripting at some point. If you want to make a game it would take really long since you dont know much as i can understand here. Maybe check this out for more Information about the API. Also you might watch some Youtube Tutorials to get some more help.

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you can make a tycoon, for example: wizard tycoon, super hero tycoon and etc. Try learning stuff at developer hub


It depends if you’re willing to learn how to program or have a programmer with you, having a programmer opens the possibility for so many more game ideas

One of my first games when I was starting programming was a simple game where random balls falls randomly from the sky and when you touch them you grow

The Roblox Developer Hub has has tutorials though, I’d recommend learning there

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It depends on what you prefer, like your favorite hobby, favorite sport, genre, and especially imagination.

Take Jailbreak, for example, it’s pretty much like cops and robbers but with more action and goals to complete, and for My Restaurant, it’s like cooking up some stuff and maybe grow up to become a chef!

Almost all the games on the platform are from imagination or from what the creator likes as the games mentioned above.

Place for some game ideas, I always get ideas here.
Scripting lessons from either Peaspod or Alvinblox.

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@Quoteory @Invisivel2000 @loueque @IuaNerd @cmodii @DMCPEPlays Thank you for all of your responses! I will take everything into consideration

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no problem, remember to visit developer hub

Just making sure, this is developer hub right?

yes it is dev hub site check it

Okay, I willl chhheck it outt.

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