What are some good game ideas?

Hello everyone,

I’ve been really stuck thinking of good, profitable and fun game ideas to make, so I am wondering if anyone would like to give me a good game idea you’d like to see made. I want a game that is FPS/Knife Game/TPS but I just cant think of any game ideas that go with that.
Please reply if you have any!

I could help if I knew what tps is, what is it?

If it is short for teleport service then here’s a good game idea: each player is spawned randomly around the map with a random weapon but they can’t move, when they kill someone they teleport to that person’s spot and get their weapon but have the choice to use their own. Last one standing wins! Some weapon ideas would be guns and throwing knifes.

bruh a tps is a third person shooter

OK, so my idea works then! I hope you like it!

What? No I was saying your idea doesnt work because thats not what a tps is, but its fine

Oh, why wouldn’t it work? It could still be in third person. You just can’t move.

Just to help you with what game you want to make if you want it to be really succsesful then your gonna have to make engagement that anybody around the world would like to play, but its hard so maybe you could ask people if your game is really fun. i also reccomend having a unique FPS style game because if your game is a copy of arsenal or randomizer or phantom forces i guarantee it might not do well.