What are some good group ideas?

Thank you so much for the suggestion! I will for sure look into it!

Yeah I was looking to make a group kinda in the range of waterpark and cafe, but not exactly like them

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You dont really need to do like them, here I have some ideas for how to use a cafe group:

  • To make a game that works like Work In A Pizza Place (But since roblox has updated so much until now then you can probably do better than it.), and then making the group have a SLIGHT boost (So people dont say the game is Pay To Win)
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Hm I really like that idea, Its just the scripting part thats worrysome

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Scripting aint so hard though, Learn it bit by bit, watch tutorials, talk here in dev Forum whenever you have a problem in it, Check the resource from roblox.

Doing these in like 2 weeks to a month is good to atleast be a good beginner - intermediate.

(In some cases this effort can get you to being over than intermediate)

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Yeah I have in the past by just watching videos. Do you think a for example, a Pizza restaurant group with a game style like Work at a pizza place (As in serving NPC users for points) would be a good start?

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Sure it is a really good start! After that you can try improving the game more and then can make a successful game!

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Oh I actually just thought of a great idea, A cafe game. But its like Work at a Pizza Place. Do you know if ads are the best way to get recognized for a game?

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Yes but you should do ads that does show the reality of your game (There are some ads like “Before , After” which doesnt show the reality of the game.)

The ads should also have a interesting point of your game and a good art (You can try doing a GFX using a location of the cafe or using any thing you can get at it).

Like you can imagine a ad that would make people have interest in it and if you have more some robux you can try sponsoring your game.

(Remember of doing the ads only after the game is finished)

Sounds good! Also, Sorry if I keep asking questions, but do simulator games do well???

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Simulator games really depinds of what it is, its purpose and if people would like it.
Some people doesnt even play games that has simulator in the name because of the stereotype that was created of a “grindy, pay to win game”.

But simulator games are good for doing some robux to start developing other things and all, some simulators dies within a week or other which means its not a really good way of making MUCH robux unless you are going to create a unique simulator and going to update it.

So yeah doing simulators are good for getting some robux to development, I honestly would only do simulator to get robux so I could develop other things.

Developing content both you and others on the platform is important. A really good start to a developing career is to create a group in which your game will be located on. Most simulator games are successful, and kid content games such as adopt me. Lot’s of time and effort create a successful game, but those are two ways to create a group that most likely with succeed! Remember to run ads, and stay up-to-date.

Yeah I think I will do the simulator, I just need to find a builder/scripter. Also, do you know how much to put in ads?

Glad you have decided! I would suggest a low-poly simulator type build as well, it’s much more soothing and more popular now. A healthy start for beginners running ads is to make sure the add is colorful, and has a bold statement that really meets the eye for someone coming across it on a page. A good start price for running an ad on a beginner group is still going to be unfortunately high, but try 500!

Sounds good, I can put 2k to begin with. Do you by any chance know any good simulator builders?

Currently myself, I just completed a commission for my friend Rainway. You can always find many other developers here on the forum!

Oh you build? What are your rates? Also would you like to talk on discord?

You can message me via greybirks#1625

To preview my work, visit my roblox account @greybirks and check my creations tab! Thank you

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