What are some must do's when starting a clothing group , or group in general?

I’m starting a new group and I’m super excited. The only problem, is that I’m doing this with few resources and support. I want to make an eye-catching and unique brand.

I’ve spent so much time looking through my socials and this forum for ideas, and so far I’ve barely made 2 pages of prep design (I like to make collage pages or idea boards before starting a big project). I don’t have many friends in this branch so I’m hoping to get some help from these forums.

here is my group: ・⋆ aloe's angels ⋆ ・ - Roblox

I only have a few assets right now, I’m launching a homestore soon. Feel free to comment your opinions and some things I should add or do, especially relating to the clothing itself.

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Stay consistent, release matching shirts and pants together, and not just pants, that can go alone as I have seen in your store. Otherwise great work!

Alright, Here is what I do myself. (I also never get sales, but I have good tips!)

Step #1

Find Design Ideas!

  • Check out fashion websites, look around Pinterest. (things like SHEIN and other places.)
  • You can also follow UGC items, or follow trends! (With UGC, You need to be quick! Other designers will design things for those items!)

Step #2

Listen to your community!

  • If people will buy something, try doing it!
  • Or Don’t.

Step #3


  • Make clothing showcases! Post them on social media with links!
  • Make speed designs! People are likely to see your speed design, and go to the description / comments and buy it!



If you need any other tips, design ideas, things like that, move it to DM’s here on the forums.

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Thank you : ) I’ve been in digital design for a while, I just wanted to use it in a different way. I’ll definitely use your tips!

Thank you! I’m new in this community so your feedback means a lot aswell. I’ll definitely remember your tips. : )

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