What are some of the settings for the Discourse forum?

I’m mainly concerned about post limit, like limit, and any changes to the way trust level is gained. What are these values on the developer forums?

Yeah, I too am interested in these numbers. I just found out that there’s a limit to how many threads you can bookmark per day.
I was bookmarking all the threads that I had favourited on the old forum for future reference but was stopped with a prompt telling me that I had reached the daily bookmark limit.

How do you change your avatar? I can’t find anything in my profile to do it.

Why does there even need to be a bookmark limit? What purpose does it serve? What problem does it solve?

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[quote=“AdmiralLennox, post:3, topic:19306”]
How do you change your avatar? I can’t find anything in my profile to do it.
[/quote]You can’t anymore. They disabled it.

That’s stupid.

Reese, you need to change this please.

Wait, we have mentions now. @ReeseMcBlox

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@AdmiralLennox that live edit though

(Don’t know how to quote anymore)

I think they disabled it for when new users start joining the public forum. They would easily be able to post obnoxious/ inappropriate stuff

But I don’t see how that stops them from enabling devs to change them, or at least giving all users the ability to use a decal asset ID or something (If we’re going by moderation)

Disabled what?

And you quote posts by highlighting the text you want to reply to or manually using the quote BBCode tags.

I was responding to AdmiralLennox about the profile avatar thing

Oh, now it makes sense. Like you said though, I don’t know why full members aren’t allowed to – they’d certainly be able to restrict it to just us knowing Discourse.

Wait, how the hell did you change yours?! :eggplant:

I changed mine before the feature was disabled.

The limit is “bookmarks per day”. Every day you can make more.

What’s the daily limit?

Yes, but why is there a limit?

Limit is 30.

It’s part of the settings. We increased it already from 20 to 30. It’s probably there for system load reasons. Each bookmark is another thing the system needs to be tracking constantly.