What are someways to get ideas for games?

Since I decided to make a game without premium (thank you groups :slight_smile: ), I need idea for a game.

Problem is, I am very bad at ideas and thinking in general.

So, what are someways to get ideas?

Thank you and have a nice day!


Inspire yourself from reality, things you do in real life
For example:

  • Eating
  • Walking
  • Going to school
  • etc.

These are just examples, of course there are much more ways to find ideas, that is just my personal way of finding them. :smiley:

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Consider ideas that perhaps you dream about doing as a kid but is impossible or near impossible in real life. They should be constrainable too - there have to be limits to what people can do on Roblox, unless it’s more of a party-style “for fun” game, which we are seeing less of I feel like.

Usually I look at trends in the real world, or games that are well-received and trying to build on what they did well. It’s difficult to create a brand-new concept so I suggest taking a look at your surroundings and seeing what people enjoy doing. Looking at the Roblox trends as well may help in finding a genre that may interest you and the players.

Hope this helps

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Best way is to play other people’s games and try to find something that would make them better or mashup different games

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You could probably play other games and take inspiration from them while adding major features and changes.
You can even think of your own FAVORITE game, and imagine ideas that could make them a lot more enjoyable! You should even change the vibe and look for the game to make it feel different than the one you took inspiration from.

The best rule of thumb when you can’t think of anything original is that originality doesn’t exist - pretty much every popular game is a mishmash of concepts that came before it. Find a broad concept for a game that you like and then put a new spin on it.


  • a MOBA except it’s a first person shooter instead of a topdown point and click
  • an RPG except there’s no experience or levels and you progress in some other novel way
  • a fighting game except enemies drop coins when hit instead of take damage - most coins collected wins.

EDIT: oops, replied to the wrong person.

my ideas came from personal interests. because that way you would put your effort into it.

Hope that helps :smiley:

Easy, read have life experiences draw from emotions. Allow yourself privately to think as big and out ragous as you want.

Being creative is a skill. There are many books on the subject on cultivating it

But the first rule is, there are no bad ideas…only bad implementations

Draw, it’s a way to get your mind FLOWING with ideas, you can doodle whatever and let your mind race through ideas, it’s amazing what ideas you may come up with, I also suggest using storyboard templates and brainstorming ideas there, I hope this helps you with your ideas.


Think of something you like. Maybe you like driving or riding a bike. That could be good for like a driving or the first ever ride a bike game on roblox. Your ideas come from your interests do what you do best and what you like and you’ll achieve a great game.