What Are the Images Compressed on a Mobile Screen?

Is there a Reason why the Tool Bar Boxes on the Bottom of the Screen image sizing looks perfect on my screen

but on the phone simulation it looks… compressed and thin…?

My Screen

The Mobile Screen

All of the White Boxes Size : Size

All of their Scale type is set to "Stretched!"

Is this normal for mobile? for images?
If not , is there A Fix?


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This is in the wrong category, try going in help and feedback

okay , will do!
Didnt know about that!

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Use a UiAspectRatioConstraint

@real_redfay , look at what happens when I use this.

Regular PC Screen

Mobile Screen!


They are not evenly matched for each device!

It resizes to fit the screen, if it’s an image you probably set it to stretch. This doesn’t just affect mobile.