What are the reasons animations couldn't work on a self made rig?

This seems to be an issue amongst a few but none of those which were similar like mine were solved :confused: so is there anyone that can list reasons on why this could be happening? my code is great and all. and it says the animation is playing. It used to work before but now it doesnt :frowning: ive made new animations checked for anchored or welded parts but 0. If anyone can please give some insight or tell me reason an animation could stop working,

it would help me fix a month old problem :slight_smile:
(im going insane)

Most common problem are they probably forgot to turn on massless


my massless was all off but my animation still did not work, im using moon animator could that be it? and if so how do i fix it, im literally desprate

you might have used a normal roblox character animation on your custom rigs, just incase you dont know, custom rigs only can play animations that are created using the same kind of rigs.

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thank you for the advice, but i made a custom rig and animation for it, im trying to animate a chest.