What are you working on currently? [2016]

Working on prettying up an old place of mine:



@ScriptOn; I sense a bit of Portal/Old Apature Science in there!
@Cottonman; I loved that place. :smiley: You should post a link so others could see it :wink:

Golly, greg, ya think? :stuck_out_tongue:

(Sorry, I took an oath saying I’d made that joke wherever I could)


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@GuestCapone I can hardly work on it anymore cause it lags my studio so much xD https://www.roblox.com/games/308242822/Palen-Marsh

This isn’t Roblox, but it is… uh… interesting I guess.

I am working on a game project in C++ with a game team for school and something that started as an Asteroids tech demo to showcase the engine ended up being butchered really really quickly.

idk some really dumb stuff ![|668x500](upload://5sVpyREmIcLTU6EQaVkXzyZXuDQ.png) ![|666x500](upload://nycq0VhUMAVYD6MRTiNCEgfldHA.png) ![|663x500](upload://5rGWLeKEEus8xqRIEOPdypAYTQd.png) ![|663x500](upload://7PZ56pRCWqtBvBoJ4hanqIopsCM.png)

Sometimes I question my own sanity…


actually, hmm…
has anyone like… made a decent asteroids game on roblox yet?

RoVerse will be a pretty good space game (although aimed for warclans not normal robloxians) that will have asteroids and such in it.

Ask DieSoft about that since he’s lead dev for it I think.

What he meant by asteroids:




Will you still be working on Kinetic Code?

Also- congrats Sofloann on being ScriptOn’s builder. I can already guarantee that the building will look amazing :smiley:

KC as well as another project for someone else as well as DD2 and a girlfriend.

I sleep about once a month.

what you mean theres nothing planned, no no

what is this “girlfriend” thing, and where do i get one?
do they carry them at walmart?

No, but WalMart does carry lures for them. You can check the toiletries aisle for some that haven’t caught boyfriends yet to go there for them.

My best friend got one and her best friend is not dating me.

Two pairs of best friends dating each other. Double dates are epic.

so step 1: have friends… crap…

whelp, so much for that!

back on topic tho

Custom Explosions!

they change depending how much damage your gun would do, so a KV-2 would have a much large blast than a panzer 3.

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Did somebody say…

particles? I found this fun little combination of particles for bullet impacts and it’s fun to abuse.


That gif quality tho…

Worth it