What are you working on currently? [2016]

What a coincidence how you made this too, when I made a particle emitter system for UI last week :stuck_out_tongue:


<3 sprites


not really. all it does is weld all the leaves to the trunk, then unanchors it so it falls over.
because of how uneven the leaves are, and the terrain the trees are on, it’s extremely unlikely it won’t fall (but still possible)

earlier versions were… interesting to say the least.

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Haha yeah, I’ve seen that problem too before. I’ve also had problems with the trees sliding down hills and the trees bouncing when hitting the ground.

Do you still have that issue now that we can configure material properties (density, elasticity, etc)?

Also, for trees standing still, you could potentially insert a BodyThrust into the trunk based on the direction it was cut to ensure it always falls over.

I would imagine that I could make hacky tweeks so that it does not bounce, but the real problem is that we are not simulating the softness and compactability of the foliage.

I’ve never had problems with the tree staying standing up. Sounds like an easy problem to solve.

That would be an interesting feature. Realistically it’s not the foliage which is compacting but the branches the leaves are on snapping and whatnot. I think it’d be really cool to have maybe a constraint which acted like a regular weld under normal conditions, but when a certain amount of force was applied to it, it snapped. It could be a subclass of Ball-and-socket/hinge constraints or we could have a stiffness property for them. When force is < stiffness, Part1 doesn’t move. When force becomes > stiffness, it starts to move. It would return to normal when the force stopped being exerted, but we could maybe listen to an event and when it snapped we could set stiffness to 0 so that it was permanently snapped, or even destroy the constraint so that the branch fell off.

Finally perfected recoil

sarcasm heavily implied


I haven’t had too much trouble with sliding down hills…
mostly because it doesn’t get too hilly(Tiny character in the middle for scale).

as for the bouncing, i did leave a little bit of elasticity, just so you don’t get fallclunk and have it stop

Glue does this iirc

It doesn’t look like it based off of it’s API page. I think you’re right that Glue joints are stretchy, but it’s a predefined amount that can’t be configured.

ladders can be pretty dangerous


It looks like this is possible to an extent with HingeConstraints and servo limits:

You can listen for CurrentAngle on Changed. I’m not sure how well this would work for trees though since branches can be pushed in any direction. I’ll make a feature request for BallAndSocket servos.

I <3 efficient code! 20,000 sprite’d particles running at 30 FPS <333333

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You need to hit the gym? Hah, why go outside when you can do it virtually for FREE!

some changes to wood harvesting.

awesome thanks to @Stickmasterluke for uploaded some nice chopping sound effect.

also rewrote a bit of the terrain noise generation.
will be uploading as soon as i code in some building placement,

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Working on some significant changes to Sound Volblox’s mid-track UI, along with planning new features that will be applied in a future update. I’ve been wanting to do these for a while, and if I can finish the last 4 tracks that need to be charted, I can use the time until Halloween to work on these changes.

  • Converting score meter and rate gauge to 2D UI (as opposed to 3D, as it is currently)
  • Score meter will now display Hi-Speed setting and current BPM
  • New player data frame will show your basic stats (name, current rank, previous clear type, and in-game avatar)
  • Side panels will show players that are battling you in the current song, using the data from their player data frame, along with their current score and rate

Early mockups:

Track Entry animation (lines on sidebars flow in from top and bottom, meet at center):

Gameplay (lines on sidebars flow from in to out):

Edit: New images


Combined and optimized hats with gear using custom meshes to create some neat Halloween weapons. :slight_smile:


Good use of the sounds, Nice job!

Been working on cloning the roblox ParticleEmitter API for my own C# project :slight_smile: