What can I add to this build?

I built this build like 2-3 days ago. Something feels empty.

It took me an hour. It seems laggy, but i have unioned several parts and it is not that laggy.


Unions are unoptimized, you would be better off using parts or meshes.

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Hey! If it’s a showcase, a bit of lag won’t hurt anyone!

So I am not sure what this is, to me it looks like the futuristic metro with those two checkpoints or a hallway!

So for us to not guessing your vision, can you elaborate what are you building so we can help you better, a story of this place!

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better lighting and material choice

It is a Sci-Fi like hallway. Sorry btw.

If it’s a hallway I don’t think there needs to be too much on the ground.

So, I would completely change those tiles on the floor, they are too bumpy(squares), I would rather add vents on the left and right side of the walkable areas, or even on the ceiling instead those two square parts, some hatches for pipe access.

Also those two things that are on the middle, if that’s some like ramp, or checkpoint, maybe put a sign above stating like “Security Checkpoint” or something.

some references maybe of how i do hallways

But your work is a bit more robust, so hmm, and a bit reminds me of some interior of reactors, so maybe google sci fi reactors and see what assets they put.