What can I Add to this Build?

I recently built this, and I’m wondering what I could add, scenery wise.


Maybe some more nature, it seems kinda odd just the building itself, try adding more green and life to it :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, I’m probably going to add tall grass, flowers, and trees sooner or later. Thanks!


Maybe some bushed and some trees.

I would add a fence, maybe some antique lights (If you are going for the Antique look) as you should also add some trees and some bushes. But add stuff that could match the theme you are trying to make.


I kind of agree that I should make it feel a bit more antique/rustic.

trees and plants, maybe also some rocks and other buildings

I like your build, but like everyone else said, I think you should add a little more detail as well as maybe changing the color / material of the baseplate. :slightly_smiling_face:

Very nice low poly building by the way :+1:

I like the build so far…

How about adding some nature like scenery around the place, by adding some hills or something like that.

Also, as what @mqrvinsroom have said, add some plants, buildings, rocks…

And hope it helps for you!

Is that the finished building? Or just the beginning? Btw not bad, keep up the good works

Hmm maybe one of those fireplace pipes going up just to give it like a little touch on the house

The building itself is done with, all I want to do is add scenery.

Oof it’s so small xD I thought it’s gonna be a wooden big house from the start lol

Add some vegetation to the build. It will have much of a nature feel to it! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Maybe ad some lanterns and some flowers and bushes and a few trees