What can I do to fill up this space?


Album image, play button, fast forward and backward, skip, etc


On top of what @LocksOfDispair suggested, add your company’s logo, and musical icons/instruments.

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A picture of a record that spins when the song plays

on top of what @LocksOfDispair and @FlammableSnowman suggested , you should add some ad space too.

You should add song suggestions or have a option to play radome music if it’s not copyrighted.

I must add, on the main title of the music system the letter M doesn’t blend too well and isn’t visible with the background portion. Fixing that might help a bit, and maybe moving the currently playing stuff over to the left a bit to center it in the white area. It’d help fill it in and @LocksOfDispair pretty much nailed it.

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I like the theme, but tbh I must add that if you’re having such a big area explicitly for song names, skipping, and a “Currently playing” then things will look disproportional to the bulk of text on the left. The text on the left is unnecessary being there 24/7. You should have an “i” button or some button that if you click then the wall of text comes up. For something that plays music, if you’re having something so wide, you might as well have something similar to Spotify or SoundCloud where there’s a list of songs and if you play it a bar below pops up.
Of course though, these are just my two cents here. But hopefully this helps.
(This is my first reply in this entire forum, so have some mercy on me if you have a bit of a disagreement)

I think the pink flowers dont really fit the theme well. Also Im not a big fan of the “Currently Playing” and the song name not being centered. I think you should put the logo on the top-left where the text is and delete some of the paragraph(or have a button that goes to it). Just my opinion :slight_smile:

The pink flowers represent Japan, as it’s a Japanese restaurant, otherwise it’s nowhere near finishing.

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Ahh, that makes sense. Im understanding this now.
If thats the case then go ahead with the flowers, it looks perfect to add here and there.
The song information with “Currently Playing” being raised makes its location seem out of place. Do you mind trying to see what it looks like with the song information centered in the frame? Also, I think the logo would look perfect on the bottom right corner right on top of the rainbow but Im not sure, but trying won’t hurt :slight_smile: