What can I do to make this Halloween party area better?

Hello there Robloxians!

The Halloween season is finally here! :jack_o_lantern: That’s why I decided to make a Halloween party for a group I am a part of. I started to build on it, but I still have much empty space I just can’t fill. What can I add / remove from the area to make it better and fill the empty space?

Here are some screenshots, I can’t provide any links because this is going to be a surprise and I don’t want our group members to see it yet :slight_smile:


Thanks for reading and have a spooky october :ghost:


Hopefully this is helpful, but for the area with the picnic tables (there may be a better name I dunno) perhaps more walkways on the floor between and to the different tables could help fill some of that space up.

Candelabras – either standing or hanging from the ceiling – could also help fill some of the space, though that may feel like a bit much with the candles on the tables. Maybe remove the table candles in favor of details like placemats, cutlery, and whatever you may see as being done on these tables (I’d imagine food but I don’t know what you intend here!)

And for the outside bits, what about some pumpkin patches? Would really help with the halloween theme and can serve as a very effective way of filling up space while contributing to the build.


It would be nice if you added more pumpkins, spider webs and make it more scary. You should consider making zombie parts too and put them near the gravestone bit and stuff.



  • The trees don’t look satisfying. Their bottom is somehow bigger than the crown of it. Expand the foliage or something.
    • Bonus points if you manage to make this area roofed by the foliages.
  • The ceiling of the pavillion is somehow lacking detail. Perhaps make it complex by turning it into an open-beamed one.
  • Old wood best wood. Make it look “grim”.


  • Place up a scarecrow. Iconic in the old Roblox manor map.
  • Not enough torches.
  • Coffins, more gravestones, open graves, crypt and random boards. No skeletons or zombies for one good reason.
  • Dead trees.
  • Dirt piles and shovels.
  • Give me an axe on the lumber.
  • Some witchcraft decorations, such as potions and cauldrons. Iconic in the old Roblox manor map too.
  • Pumpkins. Pumpkins. Jack-o-lanterns.
  • Additional hills outside the boundary of the map, makes it feel like a valley.

For a Halloween party there could be a bunch, of decorations you could try adding. Since your going for a fully Halloween party environment! If you look at real life houses with the decorations around it you will mostly see spider webs on the trees, bushes to give it a spooky kind of feel. And around the terrain there could be bones, fences, ghost, owl, pots, pumpkins, rocks, skulls, ect. Those are just some you could try adding, on the panic table and some around the terrain itself! Since you want it to look spooky i would try, adding some pots around in the open space featuring. Bones and skulls around with some tombstones! Surrounding with the pots and spider webs try doing something like that to, feel in the empty spots and where the, picnic table is at try adding some hanging bats on the ceiling. Or on the support beams to give it that spooky, fill and others around the terrain area but if you want! To add a bunch of decorations around, the terrain i would recommend you add some, lanterns, torches, bats, eyeball, coffins, skeleton, scrolls, creepy tree, and others i do feel like your trees should! Be change since it doesn’t feel like it’s spooky so i would try making, a creepy tree with a scary face on it because. If you go to any Halloween party or house you could most likely see it has the, spooky decorations around the whole environment!

And when i mean by creepy trees i’m talking about, those dried dead trees that will most likely be in a spooky area. And then you could add a bunch of details! Around the picnic table but mostly on the ceiling part such as bats, spider webs, ghost, hanging lanterns, cocoon corpse, ect. Those are the decorations you could try adding. Hanging on the ceiling part as it seems to look a bit empty i would just, try adding simple decorations but if you want to add. A bunch of details. Add some spider webs on the dead trees featuring, all the other spooky decorations that needs to be added. And around the terrain like i said above try, adding some decorations around the terrain such as yard signs stakes, statues, spike, scythe, planks with bones, and more cross statues, rip graveyards, and other decorations that could be added on the ground.

As well i feel like there should be some kind of area where. The graveyards and other details around instead of putting them around! The land area you could try adding another area featuring those kind of decorations, around the environment with some pumpkins. And torches placed leading to a path going through, that spooky area you could do something, like that instead of having one area featuring all the! Decorations your going to add. And then you could place some spooky weapons on the ground, and on the tree with decorations i said above i know that spider webs will add. A nice addition to your (Halloween Party) so just take as! Many decorations you could possible add overall. You have a nice creation hope to see the final game with all the spooky kind of details, your going to add to your party anyways i’ll just go with those. Decorations instead of putting a bunch of things, in just one area try expanding that area! So the other decorations could be! Placed down in other different kind of areas!

  • Just edit up the use of materials/textures , the map seems very spread out and you mainly use grass, concrete, and wood… try to make a bit more in terms of that.

  • You’ve got this huge open space with just some fog, try making a cemetery, one big gravestone, or something else to not make it look boring

  • Add in some more things such as pumpkins, ghosts, MORE fog, more orange + black colors, to make it more halloween. When I see this I think of an abandoned parking lot, not halloween, that’s because you gotta identify the THEME. (Even though this is very good)

  • Add some hills, nobody likes a flat map unless it’s low poly or something like that.

  • Edit those trees… they just look unnatural.

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Thanks for the tips and suggestions! I will definetly keep them in mind while building!

The colors are way too muted and makes it not look like a celebration. It needs to be vibrant, Halloween is a time where people are free to show their true colors; dress as the heroes they adore, let loose under the guise of a monster that represents them. Add some giant otherworldly structures, impossible architectures, small bizarre/freaky looking props and fix the colors :yum:.

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