What can I improve in my game Bounty King?

I have made a one-piece game, This is Only meant for funboy - Roblox. Well, it’s not really even close to near completion with only three islands with one of them being actually complete and two devil fruits with only one of them being done. What can I improve other than adding more terrain which I will do. *I would like this to be realistic.


Great Game! Continue Developing it!! :wink:


pls continue develop
pls add more attacks and weapons


As a developer for a one piece game, I would advise you otherwise of making the map too realistic as it takes away from the anime feel. Also, you should make sure to add a stamina bar, key features of a one piece game such as double jumping, q dashing etc. also bonus on a custom hot bar! Good luck with development!

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I have one question, so would I still do q for dashing if q is to swim and e is to swim down. Should I make that swimming up and down another key?

Yeah, the essentials are a dashing, e,q z axis swimming can have changed hot keys