What can make my game better?

Hello everyone.
I’m working on a Admin game and I need you’re feedback and ideas. Now I know there is ton of Free Admin games, but mine is gonna actually contain adventure and NOT more than 3 free models unlike the other ones. Now it’s just like Jailbreak and Mad City, there can be more than one that can be popular.

My Admin games uses the Roblox Terrain, and not just a baseplate. The game will contain some of the following:

  • Multiple Themed Islands with different gear
    • A fighting island
    • Sport Island
    • And More (I’m accepting Ideas)

The game will have some gamepasses, but not as many as “Free Admin” by Creator Studio for example.
Here ie the current list I have for the gamepasses in mind, and what they will give you:

  • VIP Gamepass
    Price: 400 robux_color
    This gamepass will give users a special island to themselves, including some gear, and a special name tag in chat.

  • Ban Hammer Gamepass
    Price: 400 robux_color
    You should know by the title what this gamepass will give you a ban hammer, as of right now it as at a High Price just for one gear, I will be lowering this gear in a two digit area.

  • Yacht Gamepass
    Price: 800 robux_color
    You guessed right, it’s just to get a Exclusive Yacht. Although I might not add this to the game as I’m still debating

  • Jet Ski Gamepass
    Price: 75 robux_color
    You just get a Jet Ski gamepass but also debating on this as well.

This is all the gamepass I can think of but don’t know what else to add.

Pemium Members PremiumIcon@2x

As they will be getting Exclusive Gears and there own Island as well. I have yet to decide on the gears but anyone with ideas, please send them.

The Game


Game Screenshots

Main Spawn Area:

View of the Lake & Part of the Mountain:

View of the Main Island:

Thank you everyone for reading, and please let me know what I could add to the game to make it better or what I should change. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions.

-Thank you! :slight_smile:


Seems like you have a lot of future features planned for just a “Free admin game.” But I’ll share my opinionated ideas.

  • Consider giving the player a tip when first joining on how to give commands or show a list of commands. When I joined the game I wasn’t sure how to start commands.

  • Game passes are over priced. Ex the ban hammer. Does it actually ban people? If so I would boost that price up. Or set a limit to how many people are banned… But why would you want to allow random people to ban your players anyway?

  • Yacht Gamepass? I don’t see any one wanting to purchase that. If you can pull it off I would be impressed.

  • As for the map. I would say it looks a lot better than most free admin games and I can tell a lot of time went into it. I would suggest creating an enclosed area around the water. Because the freefall from the water takes away from the “immersion” or rather it draws attention.


Very ambitious idea for an admin game; I like it! Having something in an admin game other than just free models and boorish free admin templates should be fun.

  • As said above, some newer users may not know how to use the admin. Give some a template of commands upon joining, or add something when they spawn saying “Use :cmds to get commands you may use!”
  • Reduce the prices of the Ban Hammer gamepass and Yacht gamepasses, unless they give more exclusive perks. For example, the Yacht gamepass could allow you to invite users to your yacht, and throw admin parties for fun, using audio IDs and a built-in DJ system on the yacht.
  • Add quests for users to do whilst exploring the game and having fun. These could be daily and could keep players coming back, to do these.
  • Add a currency to the game for users to buy trails and items that allow them to have more fun. These could be earned upon completing one of the quests I stated above!
  • As for an idea for an island, maybe a minigame island, with small games users could play with each other for fun. Maybe freeze tag, or dodgeball could be fun?

All in all, great idea! Good luck on the game. :smiley:

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Try adding a blur it will look good on it here have mine.
Also It would

Blur.rbxm (426 Bytes)

I wish you the best of luck on the game,

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1.I do plan to do that as that is something on my list, just been messing with Admin first and removing some before making that.

2.Thank you for sharing your feedback on the overprice. The Ban hammer will not ban people, it will just give a little small speed boost and when you hit them it will just knock them down and take health away, that is why it is cheap as I don’t find as such of a overpowered weapon. The Price of the ban hammer gamepass I plan to lower.

4.I do plan to add borders around the map once I made my map the right size with some more trees and terrain, just not at the moment since I’m still expanding with islands.

Thanks for the feedbback, I appreciate it! :slight_smile:

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