What can NetworkOwnership do?

I am going to design a vehicle that the client will have NetworkOwnership over and this client will control the vehicle. My question is: what can I (or more specifically, the client) do with it? Can I change motor constraints with it? Can I add/remove (or change) bodymovers with it?
Would it be possible for a client to teleport the vehicle around? (If so, then I can add server-sided checks for that.)

Or will the values of for example bodymovers not replicate, but only the physical effect of them will replicate to the server?
Example: I locally adjust the value of a bodymover in a car that will make the car go forward. Will the server be able to detect changes to the bodymover that the client made? I assume that the forward-motion of the car will indeed replicate?

The client will be able to teleport the vehicle anywhere, constraints won’t be replicated, but their effect will, it may collide with other players.


Body movers are able to be changed by the client if they have NetworkOwnership of the vehicle, the changes will replicate to the Server.

Will they be able to create body movers?

Yes, body movers can be instanced client-side and can affect objects that that client has network ownership of.

It’s in the name, essentially. Once you assign a client NetworkOwnership of something, they have control over that. Take this for example: all characters are network owned by themselves.

thats all i know really