What constaints will i use to connect a part to a spinning part and that part also spins because it is connected to the part

So im trying to make a spinning part without using union or setprmiparypartCFrame.
But i tried using constraints to connect an anunchored part to a part with a tweenservice to make the unanchored part spin with the part that has the spinning script i wonder how can i do that

You’re asking for a script???

no the script but the proper method using the right cnstraint

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So you’re asking how to weld??

yeah how to wield a part to a part that spins so that the part will be carried by the spinning part

From my understanding you weld the part that spins to the anchored part that doesn’t spin.

Base part Part0 and spin part Part1

What i mean is i have 2 parts
part 1 is the part that is unanchored and you will wield it to part 2 that is spinning so that part 1 will be carried also by the part2

Insert 2 Parts, insert a “Weld” inside one of those parts, P0 is the anchored part P1 is the spinning part. Tween P1.

if p0 is anchored then it will not get carried away by the part 1

i tried to do this method but p0 is not getting carried away even though it is unanchored

you can tween the part1 its still spinning the only problem is the part 0 is not spinning with the part1 even though they are wielded together