What could be done as a replacement of textures?

Hello everyone, my name is J_oen and I’m a roblox builder. Normally I would build things just fine regarding the building itself but the biggest issue I tackle is the texturing and coloring part. Is there any reliable alternatives as a substitute of textures?

The main things I have trouble with are things like brick walls where I’d normally just place multiple bricks there to give it a man-made layout along with a variety of colors but it seems like a way to just have an excessive brick count. If there is any other way of doing so then please let me know.


Hi J_oen! You can use decals too! They won’t work as good as the textures do but they can substitute it if you have any problems!

Yeah I see, I’ve been looking into it for a bit now though I was a little reluctant on it since I was more used to working with just the old style of roblox mechanic + brick coloring/default materials.

I’ll give it a look and see what I can do there.