What could I add to my house to make it more aesthetically pleasing?


I find that the house I have created is too simple, and lacks creativity. The house itself is not… attractive enough.

What I have tried:

I did not necessarily try anything, unless getting inspired by Bloxburg builds counts. Things like wall trims and windows from Bloxburg have contributed to this house build.

Extra Background Information:

This is not my first time attempting to create a house, though this might be an improvement from my previous houses.



I am confused- are you looking for a reason to add to your house, or things to add to your house? The title is confusing.

the red color of the house is kinda ugly change it to be a bit more dull
also the grey baseboard thingy should be a bit taller and probably a different texture or color
windows should be a bit more detailed
door is a bit plain
also don’t forget to make the roof hang over a bit like it does in real life
otherwise looks pretty good so far

Oops, sorry. My mistake, I will go edit it.

Oh, thanks for the feedback. I totally agree with you on everything you said.

you’re welcome! send progress pics

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As a builder, in Roblox studio and bloxburg, I think the build could use some pillars and some more detail. The color could be changed to a grey-ish color or something more neutral.


I see what you mean. I tied to incorporate the pillars on the corners just like bloxburgs’, but it didn’t look… normal. I also agree on how I should change the colour scheme.

Ah, yeah the building can be a bit different and look a little wonky so I understand! Good luck with it and I hope we can get some progress pictures!

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Add more depth. The roof overhung, the door frame thicker than the door, and the base/lower wall trim thicker.

Don’t worry, I do too.

A progress pic, I didn’t really improve much because I was kind of busy during the span of 3 days. So this is what I’ve accomplished so far, let me know what you think :smile:

I think you should add more shaders and thinner windows but it is an okay start!

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pretty nice for a basic build, the colors are a bit better but you could paint the woodplanks light blue or something

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It looks WAY better! I would suggest using different textures, and making things like roof shingles, wall trims, etc.