What could I add to this?

It’s kinda empty and I ran out of ideas for homes after making 2. It’s supposed to be a small fairy community.


You can add mushroom farms etc.

Thanks! I was thinking more mushroom-y stuff but wasn’t sure what hehe

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Analysis with Screenshots

The build is a large tree, which apparently the players are the representation of, as in the title of the game, fairies. The color composition of the build appears to be not enough for the fairy theme, not entirely sure what to suggest to complement that.

Proportions are on point, but the details outside of the tree is kinda rushed.

The first screenshot here demonstrated inconsistency with window frames. For this one, it was missing entirely. Interiors were definitely fine, sort of.

Same applies with the door, you could add one there.

Volumetric lighting seems to appear from every direction. Is this in a binary star system?

Although the inconsistencies, the proportions were correct and on point. This build is kinda good in my opinion. The foliage in the scenery and this tree were not matching, see Boundary Area.

Boundary Area
I found my way out of here, not alive though but possible. Builds outside here seems very dull-ish. Perhaps upgrading them will do?

Let’s go add some lanterns hanging from above. This makes the place more lively and less darker during nights. Maybe some visual upgrades using particles, such as fireflies. Oh, don’t forget that you may recolor the lanterns. Haha.

Perhaps updating the scenery would be worth a while to do.

Thank you!! I will definitely add these in. I’ll also fix the lighting and boundaries and try to make the scenery more decent. Really appreciate it :smile:

I noticed for the spots on the mushrooms you simply placed spheres on top of a negated sphere itself:

I think I can teach you about a very useful union method w/ molding and casting to create a seamless look.
Firstly, with this method its best to disable csgv2. The reason being is this:

Finished product with csgv2


Finished Product with disablecsgv2 on


The main issue w/ csgv2 is the way the details of the mushroom are left more “geometric”, as it doesnt smooth edges.

(I’m not sure about the correct jargon for this type of thing, but hope the point is still coming across- if someone would like to DM me about this topic so I could better inform myself that would be greatly appreciated.)

To disablecsgv2:
Go to settings in roblox studio (Alt+s) and go to physics, then scroll down to “disablecsgv2” and simply check it. Restart roblox studio and you should be golden.

However, I will warn you about the limitations of disablecsgv2. It has a lower triangle threshold and can have a lot more errors- typically when it gives you the error for trying to do a simple union, I’d change the position of one of the objects by .005 studs in position, using properties, in each variable until whatever works for that instance.

The union method seems pretty complicated, but once you understand each action youre doing it’ll become a piece of cake.

Steps of the method

First step:

Create your base shape to which you are adding details to.
Make a copy of your base part for later (make sure to change the position to match the position of your original base part, you’ll need them to match up for the mold to be seamless) and move it up however many studs up, down, sideways, any way you want- I’d probably do ten studs to keep things nice and snappy. It’ll be used to negate the details to be molded to the base part.

Second step:
Place the parts that will create those details on to your base part. In this case it’ll be simply spheres that’ll be molded into the spots of the mushroom. Make a copy of those details, doing the same thing as the base part w/ making sure the copy is the same position as the original and then moving however which way by the same amount of studs.

Third step:
Negate the details into your base part.

Fourth step:
Take your of the base part copy and create a mold with it

Fifth step:
Negate the mold into the detail copy as follows:
The result should be this:

Sixth step:
Combine both unions and your finished product should be this!

General tips:
Always remember to enable “use part color” in the unions properties.

If any of this is still confusing, here’s a video I found that demonstrates it.

Also, in terms of adding elements to the build- possibly play around with custom particles and look for something that could emulate little wisps floating around in the tree; it could add to the atmosphere of it being a “fairy tree” w/ supporting a fantasy world.


Thank you so much this is very helpful! I didn’t know about csgv2 hehe. I’ll try make the game more fairy-like too. :))