What diagram formats do you use?

So I’m getting to the point in my project now where I am having trouble keeping track of my remote events and module scripts and what fires where and what script listens for it, so I’ve decided I need to get to diagramming my structure now.

I’ve used draw.io before and I liked it, so I’m thinking about using it now, but there’s so many sets of symbols and shapes that I don’t know how best to diagram my game and I’d like some input now before I put much time into it.

Does anyone else use draw.io or another program like it? What formats do you like to use while diagraming?

You probably want an API creator, like DigitalOcean’s use of Apiary (DigitalOcean API)

It’s what I use for a pretty massive RPG I’m working on to keep code organized into proper modules and document what they all do (includes remotes).

Platform for API Design, Development & Documentation | Apiary

Flowcharts are great until they’re not. They can get real messy and may not be the best for API documentation.

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That’s where I don’t have any experience in doing any type of ‘project’ more than a few classes. I don’t know how big and/or messy this thing is going to get before I’m done.

EDIT: Oh, I’ve used JavaDocs before, just not very in-depth. I’m guessing DigitalOcean is similar.