What Did I Accidentally Enable/Change?

Randomly while I was building something changed and I can no longer shift+click previously placed parts without rotating them. I can place a new part into studio and shift click and it won’t rotate.

I tried with all the parts on my map and I can’t multi-select parts anymore without spinning them halp.

Edit: All previously placed parts seem to be facing the same direction after shift clicking them.

Maybe one of your plugins is causing it. Have you tried disabling them all?

Checked to see if anything was toggled on and nothing was. Disabled all my plugins and restarted studio and the rotating is still occuring. Are there any downsides to uninstalling studio since everything is saved to the site?

I went ahead and opened studio and I’m getting the same thing. Huh.

This only happens when the Transform tool is active, though.

LOL I’m dumb, don’t switch between blender and studio at 5am. The multi select in studio is ctrl…

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Hah! It’s actually either Shift or Ctrl when you have the Select tool active :>

This is definitely weird, though. The bounding box changes if the part your shift-clicking isn’t anchored. It rotates it if it is.

EDIT: It looks like shift-clicking with the transform tool sets the orientation to 0, 0, 0, but only if it’s anchored. It is a feature? I really don’t know.

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