What do I addd to my shop?

hello my name is Alex and I built a low-poly shop. It looks really plain to me right now, but I don’t know what to add can you guys help me?


You could make the text a more exciting font, or what I like to do, add shine to the windows.

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Dollar signs, an actual billboard styled sign for the text to be on, maybe a smaller extension of the building to the left or right that has a vault? That’s what I’d do.

Good luck!

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It’s just a block shop and from what I see the windows aren’t placed correctly and try to make the block a little bit 3d and do what sylvar said. and make the roof look a little smooth by adding a cylinder and a sphere you should get what I mean:

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You could try experimenting with different fonts available, try centering the door and aligning the windows, and you could make the shop more detailed, like making bricks stand/pop out from the build. Decorations would look neat, and they would all depend on what the theme of your game is.