What do I do if an Int-Value is showing on the server side but not the client side

Title says it all, I was decoding a bug and apparently when I look the client side they’re both showing the proper Int-Values for what they’re suppose to be but when I look on the server side it shows 0 for one of the Int-Values.

If the server shows 0 but the client shows a different number that means you set the value on the client, which doesn’t get replicated to the server

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How would I necessarily fix that though?

set the value from the server, this is because of FE

Can you show an example, I get what you mean but I’m still pretty lost?

Server Script:

local intValue = -- set path to int value here

intValue.Value = 1 -- change "1" to any number

Manually in studio:

Press the Current: Client button to toggle between Client and Server


It should look like this


Find the IntValue you want to edit

Change the value and it’ll replicate