What do I need to finish for my first Roblox game Path of Misery?

Basically I’ve created my first real game. A short obby, but nothing is as it seems. I plan on making an icon soon, a few thumbnails and publishing it. I just need to know, what else is there I need to do?

EDIT: Thank you for all your criticisms and tips! I plan on having an update out sometime next week implementing some of your suggestions!


I feel like this game could have potential but I believe you need to work on these things

  1. Building. I feel the game’s style is too bland. Since it’s the path of misery maybe you should make it based on the underworld?

  2. Music. The game needs some music. It’s not that fun listening to the oof noise all the time.

  3. Overall design of the game. It feels to grey the game I don’t mean sadness grey. You need to add more of a misery vibe. As I said on the building part you should probably make the game based in the underworld.

Overall great work! Hope to see some updates soon :grin:!


Its not letting me in, I’m cashiz7, this is my dev account.

I fixed it! for some reason a version was in the archive in a date that doesn’t exist yet :?

I guess it belongs in game design support now, which makes sense

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It’s a start I feel like you should try to develop into creating more path of challenging obstacle courses to have a more pleasing view. Make the obstacles go different ways instead of including it as a straight path include some other elements right now it’s quite bland and dull looking.

Look at other obstacle game and try seeing how there layout is and finding ways on what needs to be placed to create a more enjoyable gameplay, your game is completely bland and the courses are quite challenging but it still seems like a work in progress project.

Have you tried, including moving parts or thinking of your own ideas and incorporating them within your game. Adding other proper elements are a good idea. You could add just about anything if you feel like the game lacks other features; I’d add things your comfortable with adding consider to not rush a game as it needs to be well made!

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