What do I put in this room?


This is a room for looks, players can not enter it and they can only see it through this window, the building is an underground bunker type thing so maybe get a design idea from the building?


Put boxes with some files and some other similar stuff.

I thought it was an interrogation room at first lol. You could probably put some shelves, chairs, a table nothing too showy if u ask me

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For an underground bunker, maybe some food supplies as water, maybe canned food or something like that? And then maybe some broken planks or glass.
If it’s a bunker room which the player cannot go through then broken objects would look nice as it looks like a place not everyone wants to enter.

Depends on the type. Servers, shelves and crates. Add a closed garage door in there and pallets of food etc.

Maybe put some sort of testing facility room with different weird tubes and machines and stuff? maybe also experiments (like stuff in big green tubes with water or something in them) might be a little crazy but idk just throwing out an idea.