What do I search for to find "Simulator-type" music?

I’m having an issue finding music that would be fitting for a cartoony simulator.

The mood of the song would be kind of happy with a catchy groove.

An example is Soda Simulator’s background music.

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Only some simulators search for their music, but most of them just make the music themselves.

Most devs hire people that make original music for them.

I highly recommend hiring someone to create original music for you. It’s a great way to match your ideal tone of the game. Looking at royalty-free music is also a great idea since you only have to pay once (if at all.)

If you can’t do this for whatever reason, Roblox themselves have a gigantic library of songs. If you search up pretty much any term in the Roblox catalog, a song most likely has been published with the theme that you’re looking for by the “ROBLOX” account. These are all free to use songs for any developer and a lot of devs have made use of them.

For example, I looked up the term “dance” in the catalog and got these songs:

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It would be much better to hire someone to make music for you instead of finding music, it makes the game feel more original and you can tell them what kind you want and stuff like that.