What do I use for regional music?

Im trying to make regional music, but I am unsure if i should use an invisible part or a region3, or maybe something else. Does anyone have any ideas? A list of pros and cons would be great too

Hey, I don’t recommend using an invisible part (.Touched) or region3 as .touched is inaccurate and region3 can be quite laggy.

Instead I purpose using 3D collision math.


local Pos = Table.Owner.HumanoidRootPart.Position
local Min = Table.Region.Position - Table.Region.Size/2
local Max = Table.Region.Position + Table.Region.Size/2

if Pos.X > Min.X and Pos.Y > Min.Y and Pos.Z > Min.Z and Pos.X < Max.X and Pos.Y < Max.Y and Pos.Z < Max.Z then
	return Table.Region

This math with detect if a players position is within the pos and size of a region.


Thanks, I originally thought of this idea as well but I thought it would be annoying to implement and abandoned it, after some research I feel like this would be the best way after all