What do i use to create a drag on objects that are moving

I’m trying to achieve the same effect that pets have on all those simulator games. I’m not making a simulator game but I need to know how.

Its the same type of thing as jigglebones in a source engine game.

I’ve tried bodyposition but that basically anchors me in the air unable to move.

Can you be more specific? “effect that pets have” doesn’t make sense to all.

As i said in the title. Its a sort of Drag. A smoothing of their movements. When you stop they are still moving and traveling towards you.

so a pet following you is what you mean.? Yes?

I know how to get it to follow me. Thats just CFrame. Im talking about the smooth portion of it

I’ll figure it out later

Look it up on YOUTUBE then, you’re making it hard for everyone. When I looked it up when the person stops moving the pet is still following them. maybe its just your script. :man_shrugging:

I used body gyro and fixed it.

BodyPosition can dampen the movement of object with minimal effort, just set the Position and leave D at a reasonable value. I don’t think BodyGyro is exactly the name of what you used.

If you want to implement this without BodyPosition, then either google damping, or do it in another way by putting the 80% or so of the way between the player and its previous position every frame, which makes it slow down before approaching the player but always approach it.