What do think of my most recent terrain build (Now available for the public to play)

Hi everyone! So I want some feedback on this quick build that I made in 3 hours, note: Tree model not by me also I know that the water coming from the mountain looks very awkward but I had a very minimal amount of time to work on this.

New notes: Made the water flowing from the mountain a little smoother and also just for comedy: While making this showcase roblox studio crashed like 3 times because of the amount of things I added to the lighting property and the terrain itself :rofl:

Tips for other people who are starting to build and are interested in making this kind of stuff:

  1. Go slow take your time the best things are not made quickly
  2. Take advantage of things such as Depth of field, sun rays, blur, etc…
  3. Practice! this doesn’t need a explanation

Now I know that this is not that good! That’s because I made it in about 3 to 4 hours (Better builds take way longer) but I am still working on this and I will provide a link to that game when it is finished.

Showcase Screenshots

New note: Ok the game is available to play here is the link, I’ll keep adding updates, and a thumbs up on the game is always appreciated :grinning:

water may look awkward but I’ll try to fix it as much as possible


I like it so far.
I’d try adding some small hills and holes in the ground to make it look more realistic. Maybe add some rocks and bushes to go along with the trees.
(Also, try adding some particles on the water fall so it looks like it flowing.)

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It is flowing it’s just that the screenshot makes it look like it isn’t and yup I’ll definitely try to do that

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Doesn’t even look like ROBLOX… and that’s a good thing. Well done this is awesome


Thank you so much! 30charrssss

Looks very realistic! Great build!

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Thank you so much!!! 30charrss

No problem, the showcase is amazing!

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It looks a little bland,

but very realistic and well done. Keep up the good work :+1:

Thank you so much for the feedback as I said I only worked on this for two days though I will try to work on it and make it the best I can!!!

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Although it certainly looks decent for a first terrain build, you should consider, adding the final details shrubs, rocks, plants, variation of trees, cottage - shack and more.

First attempt at creating terrain, it does look good. The pictures alright, perhaps dims down the sun ray so the pictures would be a little clearer to the eye, the entire terrain looks flat you should include some elevation in sorting areas to add more depth to it including things like hills, rocky paths or in small areas.

Overall to add more depth into your terrain try including some vegetation throughout the area there could be some mountains or something that’ll match with the scene. Consider adding rocky paths, water puddles, and useful builds in certain areas.

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i wouldnt use water terrain for the waterfall, probably a beam with a animated decal is best. Also randomly rotate the tress a bit, to make things look more natural…Otherwise great stuff

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Thank you so much I am in the process of making it better as I only had about 3 hours to work on this and I think you are confused this isn’t my first build it’s my most recent

Umm so I really want to test your idea but please don’t make fun of me over this but I don’t know what a beam is or how to use it can you please elaborate.

Basically get a part, add an attachment, then repeat so you have 2 parts each with an attachment facing each other. Then add a beam to one of the parts, then connects the beams attachment0 and atachment1 values to each of the attachments youve made, then pick a texture that looks like water. and it’ll go.
Then you can fiddle with the other numbers as you see fit.

Hopes thats an ok explanation

You can download my demo here : BeamTest - Roblox

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So I know what beams are now and how to use them there’s just one problem I can’t find a good water decal

Try this?

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I like it Sir ! The Lake , the flow , the Waterfall , the Trees and the Lightings :100: :100:

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Thank you so much for the feedback when I am done I will release it to the public

The showcase is available to the public now enjoy! Also is possible please leave a donation any amount helps happy vibing :grin: