What do you call code accessed by both client and server?


I like to have my modules split into three main folders:

  • Code for the Client
  • Code for the Server
  • Code to be used by both Client and Server

Obviously for the top two groups I’ll be naming their folders ‘Client’ and ‘Server’ respectively, however I was wondering what the the technical term was for the third group? I’ve always used the term ‘Universal’, however I was curious to know if their was a proper name for it?


Generally it’s just called Cross-Server Client Communication, I don’t think there it a name for it. Universal is wrong though, universal scripts are for changing between places.


You could also call it replicated code, as in ReplicatedStorage


Replicated code would work, but I’d rather use that for managing intros for ReplicatedFirst.


In my games I name the folder Shared.


I usually call the folder where those types of modules are located “SharedModules”


Industry standard is “shared” code.


Thank you for your responses - It looks like I’ll be using ‘Shared’ :happy3: