What do you guys like about these canyons I made, and what do you think I should improve on?

Hello everyone, these are some canyons I made for a game I own, and what do you guys think I should improve, and what do you guys think about them, are they bad, decent, good, really good? What do you guys think?


They look great! I would suggest you add some cacti or rocks around the canyon, because it looks a little bland without them. Also you should smooth out the actual canyon a little more.

Keep up the good work! Have a good day!

You might want to change the title to just [FEEDBACK] Canyons. You don’t need to write the rest because that is just a part of feedback. (Improving)


I like them, they look realistic. The sky adds a nice touch as well.

I like hte shape of it overall, but it seems very plain. Try adding some cacti or something in the area around it

Looks like the real thing good job keep it up well done :+1: