What do you guys think of my haunted house here?

Work in progress, I’m trying to make one of those like haunted houses you’d see at an amusement park. Any feedback would be appreciated. Should it be darker, or different music? Etc

(I plan to add some jump scares later as well) Thanks.


Seems a great idea and it’s spooky. The music seems fine. I think you should improve this:


Oh yea that’s gonna get deleted, I just freemodeled the camera script and it came with that UI and I didn’t get around to removing that. Thanks though.

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Its cool tho, but do you gonna make that arrow or added some keys like piggy or mimic? is it a tour game or a horror game like mimic? because if is it like mimic, maybe erase the arrow on the floor
but seriously its cool :+1:

I’m actually building a mall, and ran out of ideas for shops so I’m adding attractions inside the mall. This is just a small attraction inside. I never played those games, but the arrows are just to indicate the way. I’ll see if I can come up with a better system. Thanks!

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