What do you like to see in an RPG?

Currently gearing up to dive into development on a project I’ve been putting off for awhile now, and I’d love to know all the little things everyone likes about their favorite (MMO)RPGs so I might incorporate some of them into my own project. I’m trying to go for a mix between Mordhau for combat (definitely a version that’s a bit easier to learn for beginners), Skyrim for the sheer number of things to do, and generally most of The Elder Scrolls for character building. All ideas are appreciated!


I would suggest you think along a story line that starts small and grows as the players character experience grows.
I have had much more enjoyment out of RPG’s that follow this process and it caters for most ages.
Some will, of course, want to progress into what they think is the good stuff, perhaps encouraged by friends that have been playing the game for a while, and in this case you may wish to introduce a side line task that is set to a higher experience that the player currently has and if they succeed bump their experience up to they can get where they wish to be.
As you are the author of this story line you can supply whatever shortcuts you think might be wanted.
I would start with none and after a period give the players a chance to give feedback on what they want to see in the game.
I wish you luck in your endeavours.


My ideas for an MMORPG on ROBLOX are a bit ambitious, but im sure it could be pulled off. Here are some ideas:

  • Player Housing System (with moveable furniture, different purchasable houses, etc)
  • Mounts
  • Fast Travel
  • Game Map
  • Start off exactly where you left off last time. (Save coordinates to datastore)
  • Side Activites (Fishing, Gardening, Crafting)
  • Partially Player-Run economy with high incentive for trading and possibly an auction house.

Note: Please excuse any typos or gramatical errors. This was sent from my mobile device.


I would heavily focus on making sure the player creates their own story. They will remember the RPG more and will be excited to return when new content is available.

Aside from that, I would say a balanced system when leveling up and making sure with player combat that both are equals, aka making both the players power the same level as the higher level so combat is essentially fair, but with added buffs.


You may be interested in this topic; Is it worthwhile developing an RPG. Are they a dead genre

The OP of that article asks if the genre is dead, but there are some particularly fantastic responses that explain great things to add and not too add in the RPG genre.


I prefer mounts when traveling even great distances over map traveling, unless it is for a raid.

I like that the enemies level with you in skyrim. That would be a cool mechanic.

Good story/lore/exposition but not in a way that is so dull and vast that I want to skip through it, if that makes sense.

I like enemies with patterns that are not easy to predict, but easily avoidable once they are learned. This seems like a good balance between dying over and over until reading a guide online and a complete cake walk, button masher.