What do you think about CubeRunner?

I think this should be in the right topic, trying not to make that mistake again lmao

anyways I made a brand new game with an interesting concept

if you have any suggestions on how I can improve this game please tell me, as I might take inspiration to turn this into a unique obby type game in the future using this concept

Thank you for reading, D0RYU


Proud to be the first visit.

I think it’s cool and not too difficult a task to create. I also really like the Guis, it looks clean. Although, I don’t think it’ll have much potential game wise, it’s too simple with not much to do.

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Played it, seems like an elaborate way to earn high amounts of money from premium payouts more than anything as the more times you touch the cube the longer it takes to get to the next one. No offense.


I feel like the game is too simplistic; you have the 2021 baseplate template without changes (aside from the cube gameplay), and the UI feels too simple. There doesn’t seem to be any music either, so it got boring really easily. Needs more work.

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yea ur right I could add more to the game

no offense taken, any sort of advice is helpful

trust me I got some ideas on how I could implement this into a game

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Very bland, once youve gotten to like 5 cubes theres no point in playing, its also pretty unoriginal, its basically just a reskinned difficulty chart only instead of obbies in a different sized cube

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I don’t see how this has anything to do with difficulty obbies or how it is a “reskin”
but thanks for the advice, also just to let you know that this is only a test game on future projects and im not going to be updating that much on it at all