What do you think about my builds

I have made some quite good looking builds, not to everyone they shall look good but i am not a builder and am more of a scripter but i was wondering if i could have your thoughts on this build’s i made…?

and lastly

What do you guys think…?


They look great! I could just see you adding a more appealing color theme depending on the games theme?

First off I like your style of building it looks quite nice
now that’s out of the way here’s what I think could use some improvement

  1. The pet shop in the first picture doesn’t look that interesting to look at, what I mean by that is the windows feel a bit empty maybe add a pattern of some sorts to it sort of like you did with the third picture to make it look nicer also the overhang over the entrance looks a bit strange in front of the building, maybe try adding a pattern of some sort to the posts

  2. With the second picture, the circle isn’t lined up perfectly with the building, also with the windows like with the 1st building the windows look a bit plain maybe add more detail to them to make them stay more consistent with the rest of the building. I noticed with the door there wasn’t a door handle maybe add one?

  3. With this one maybe add a brick on the edges to make them stand out since they sort of blend in so if you add a few more bricks then all good for this one.

Inconclusion I think while there are quite a few mistakes that make the building look a bit strange but if you fix them then these builds would look quite nice.

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Thank you for letting me know i will fix the error right away! :sweat_smile:

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Personally, the neon material is a bit too harsh and bright for my eyes. I’d suggest using a different material or texture if you are going for a more futuristic look (I am assuming that you are).

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The first 2 buildings are just too bright to look at. I cant focus on one thing since my eyes are looking at everything at once, i’d say tone it down a little.As for the last building it doesn’t look like somewhere to upgrade something. It looks like a prison of some sort, maybe add some anvils etc. The second buildings neon circle is off centred. Apart from that I love the rings and the text above them, looks great!

The Building looks good.
You may should try a new style without that bright.
Also try to do the pillars bigger so it doesn’t look useless if you know what I mean.
But it’s a nice style if u don’t want to change it you can keep it.
But I prefer you to tryout new styles.

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Looks great but I think the last two pictures/buildings should also have a sign/text like in the pet shop.

Good luck in your future builds!

Very nice builds. Could be slightly improved with more colouring.
7/10 :star:

Thank you i will see what i can do.

Thank you all for your help and i will keep in mind what to change thx again.

It is a good start. Keep at building and overtime you will get better. I think the buildings are a good start. I would make it less bright and add some more detail to this building since it is a bit bland. I would possibly add some soft of design to take up the empty white space.

This definitely looks like a cartoon style build, so if that’s what you were going for then great! One of my critics is that it’s a bit too much neon in terms of the lighting it’s bright. Might wanna play around with less neon parts.

I absolutely love them, but one thing you should maybe change is some the neon bricks. They make the building extremely bright and for some players blinding. Once again though, they’re still pretty nice.

The neon looks too bright. To make this not happen make the neon part have like 0.3 transparency.
Good work!

We’ll i do know that since am not even done, i just asked for suggestions.

I know i have been told that and i will change that now! :sweat_smile:

There is way too much neon, and it can be detailed a lot more but otherwise its got a nice structure, nice work.

Personally I think it’s amazing. I just think there’s too much neon material. Try replacing the neon with glass or make the neon transparent.