What do you think about my new game on future letter writing?

I recently created a game where you can send a letter to people from the future.

How it works?

It works very simple: your message is posted on a discord and then printed, and then the cards are sent to a magazine where they are waiting for 2030.

For now, the game is 50% ready, but I want to see if the community likes my idea.

What are you working on?

Recently, I am working on a system thanks to which you will be able to protect your text with e.g. a second sheet of paper using robux, so it will be more resistant to corrosion.

These are only plans for now.

Be open-minded. I like constructive criticism. I’m also looking for an idea for a map, so you can suggest it.



The topic is closed and the game is removed.
It turned out that there was a bug preventing the game from running completely.
My months spent on this game have crumbled.
Thank you for all suport from you,

cool concept, i’d like to see this done in the future. For a map, a simple map with the happy home in robloxia should suffice in my opinion.