What do you think about my next game? (Blocks and Blocks)

Well, let’s say I was bored of playing the same thing on Roblox, and I decided to play some classic games to remember what they were, and since I was playing those games, the brilliant idea occurred to me why not do an obby, but not just any obby if not a different one (SIMPLE BUT FUNNY) then I have made these advances of this giant and very long obby

However, it seems to me that it is going in a good way, since some levels have a category and difficulty, that is, from the easiest to the craziest.
We’ve been adding Rotating Parts, and others that go back and forth,
So what do you think of my idea?
Based on Tower Of Hell (but in my style)
(NOTE): Ignore the free models as some of my own models are being made


- murjarquitecto

RobloxScreenShot20200517_201820160|690x298 !


Amazing idea! Whats in the last image?

I took it by mistake, I’ll edit it