What do you think about my project?

Welcome :smiley:,
in short I would like to ask you to rate the game below, and if possible pass it on, thanks in advance.
(The game is not 100% made by me, there are some ready-made scripts / systems added there)

Tell us the game premise, I joined and walked around, then left.

Also, why is their no tutorial or nothing and a random map?

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The game will of course be further developed, but the assumption of the game will be to carry out special operations during the wars that have happened over the last 30 years.
for example, capturing a supply point during the Gulf War.

If the game isn’t fully finished, I advise for you not to just show it to the public without a overview of the game.

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I think the map and graphics look awesome, gives me some MW vibes, there’s a few issues though

  • Guns feel kinda… bad? Meaning that there’s barely any recoil, guns don’t look like they weight something, reloading is too slow, pretty sure that professional soldiers reload their gun quickly no matter what

  • You need to work a bit on the reloading animations, they’re not bad but can be definitely better

  • It’s nice that we can see our own body in first person but you need to work on it too. The arms have a military vibe but then there’s our body with clothes that don’t even fit the rest

Other than that, gun models and overall gun system is awesome and it sure has a big potential, keep up the work

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if I’m right the gun system used here is acs?

Looks good! Hope to see more progress on it in the future!