What do you think about my uptade lobby?

Oh Hello there,
So I work on the map like a few hours now.so… what do you think about the picture?

So if you want me to put something on a map let me know and also here the game id if you want to join.

not only I share you with the game but I want to share with you about your opinion in the game and also more thing I can add in the game as well. so…if you want to reply back to me, just go ahead. I accepted all your reply. so always keep your hand clean and also have a good day.


Hello! Your lobby is really nice, I did notice some bits however, I’ll list them right now.

  1. Random hole in the spawn cave, https://gyazo.com/a063a7a4e35cd9e093129812019b3733

  2. Maybe add more tree colours, Right now they are only one colour.

  3. The lobby seems big, If this game is for mobile players they will have lag (I’d assume atleast)

That’s what i thought i needed to tell you, The lobby however is very nice and i cannot wait to see for what project it is! Take care.

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but the issuse is, how do i low the lag?

Maybe get rid of some trees, Or make the lobby smaller.

then what happen when the lobby small but still lag?

what happen when lobby is to smal but still lag?

Then you’ve got too much parts, And should start unioning things together.


This looks really nice, keep up the great work!


Unioning just increases lag. @Razinox explains it well

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Trees will be instanced as long as you’re using duplicate meshes, in combination with LOD for meshes you should be just fine in the tree department.

In picture 2 it does look like your roof is pretty high-poly compared to the low-poly trees, you’ll save triangles by switching out the what i think is a cylinder mesh for an octagonal shaped mesh.

Unioning things together is a BAD idea and will have a negative impact on performance.
Roblox handles part rendering rather well and unions are all too often solved inefficiently, refrain from using unions as much as possible.

Use Part, WedgePart and CornerWedgePart as much as possible, don’t union wedges with parts.
For round objects go with a octagon shaped mesh over the classic cylinder mesh, they will have close to no visual impact at all but will better optimize your game’s performance.


This is a really well built map! I love it.
The lighting is great :+1: I have no issues with it

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I like it! That’s actually very good

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I think it looks amazing the vegetation and medieval houses placed throughout the whole entire map it adds a nice touch to your place, however i like to give some feedback and suggestions on your lobby.

I’d also suggest adding other types of objects rather than just trees placed throughout the whole map. Maybe you could change things up like make different variety trees to fill up the majority of the map with something that would fit the current color theme. The lobby could use some rocks, plants such as mushrooms, flowers, bushes, ect. I think placing these different types of plants could improve your map a bit more instead of having a lot of trees just placed down.

Something you could add to your lobby is a shop where players can buy in game items, etc. You could also add an area or some sort of activity for players to do while they wait. There could be a bridge or something leading to the floating islands if that’s needed just a simple suggestion.

Overall I think it looks great and the theme is very creative! Something in the image above could give you a idea. As well, I’ll fix the title of your post.


that for the reply! I wanna do that but there was something I wanna tell… how do I build a bridge that makes it so long plus it will take some time to make plus I think I can put the wizard tower at the top of the floating island.and also do you want me to put a “Fireflies” when it starts to go night? I like the picture by the way.thanks for the reply and also thanks for the idea as well I make it come true in the near future so… I hope you have a fantastic and always wash your hand. thanks :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

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You could use Archimedes V2 for the bridge situation, an amazing plugin to help save a ton of time getting a bridge done efficiently.

hey,um… can you give me the link for the plugin in Roblox i want to see and how it work!

Here you go: https://www.roblox.com/library/144938633/Archimedes-Two-v2-4


thank for giving me the link for the plugin… I really appreciated! :smile: :+1:


It likely depends if you feel the needs to add those I’ll go for it, but since you got lanterns placed on your map I would try adding some (Fireflies) flying in the air or possibly add those around the water area overall everything else is good.

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The lobby in itself its brilliant, however the map is too big and some players, notably mobile users will be lagging a lot. Furthermore, the lobby is probably too big to explore in-time before a new round starts. I’d strongly suggest making the lobby smaller.

Good luck! :wave:

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