What do you think about our trailer?

Hey, this is a trailer for our new game HeartBeat let me know what you think
(HeartBeat [ALPHA] - Roblox) Heres the video- HeartBeat Trailer (New on Roblox) - YouTube


We do have a trimmed version to post on roblox on our game

I honestly can’t do any better than this trailer, and I’m just giving you my HONEST thoughts. So, about the trailer, at some parts it’s rather more funny than scary, and it’s just not really coming together for me. Take this part for instance, between 0:11 - 0:16. I mean, what is he running from? We can’t know. And the running animation is just SO derpy to me in THIS very situation and atmosphere. Now, from 0:26 - 0:39, the interior feels very empty to me. I feel like you didn’t maybe NECESSARILY NEED to add any more decorations and stuff like that, but maybe add some flickering lights and maybe some cracks in the walls. They don’t need to have openings in them. ALSO, to me, the game idea is very un-original as it’s based off of the game Dead By Daylight. It’s sort of a Roblox version of Dead By Daylight, but not nearly as complex. And the game name HeartBeat exists, and is VERY common. Other than that, it’s OKAY, really. There is time to fix all this, and I’m willing to help you by giving you suggestions like this. I’m always happy to help out.

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Yea we are the roblox version of dead by daylight. And here’s what comes up when you search up heart beat

were the first one but heartbeat hospital is very different and not popular at all but thanks for your analysis :+1:

By saying that there are a lot of games called HeartBeat out there, I did not mean only Roblox games. I meant Roblox and outside. But that’s okay, you get my point.