What do you think about this camp fire I made?

What would you rate it, or maybe add to this?


Great Job! You did it! You made best model of campfire! Keep this amazing job! you doing great!:star2:

Thanks, it was only my first time tho…

The particles are just fine but you could add some details to the build itself, more specifically to the logs, they could be a bit better, but overall it’s pretty good and you’re doing great, nice job!

True, I did rush this but yes you are right, adding more the the logs would look good.

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Maybe the logs should be on the ground rather than propped up

hmmm, maybe. I will consider that.

Hello, When i was looking at your campfire it looks very good, But there’s small things that could make it look better! (Maybe)

Here’s some things i found that you could improve.

  • Add fire sparks, This could add more detail. (But not every game looks good with it.)
  • Give each logs a tiny bit of diffrent rotation, This makes it look more natural.
  • Add tiny rocks around the side. (This is used to stop fire from spreading, And is a nice detail.)

But other than that, The fire looks good, Hope this list helps! :slight_smile:

I liked the idea of putting rocks around it, did not think of that.

I can’t do something like that, this is perfect

If you don’t know how to make that, just look up fire partials or something o Youtube. Incase you wanted to know @HSFBSHHGG2

No, you dont know who i am, i am world worse developer, i cant do nothing in studio

Don’t think like that, just try doing small things and practicing. Tutorials could help out. After some time you’re going to see some change

Love the particle effect, low poly vibes for sure. Very nice job man.

Thanks man. I learned it from someone else though so I can’t really take full credit.

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This is really nice for your first time! I suggest adding some more texture to the logs, as well as some more logs to add a more realistic look. I think that adding some rocks around the campfire rather than just having a circle would make it look super realistic as well!!

yea I bet, thanks for the feedback.