What do you think about this?

Hello. I’m really new to building.
So I created this from scratch.
But I want to learn build so I decided to post it there.

So because I’m new to building I would like ask for feedback and improvements.
Thank for reading!


The chequered (checkered, America you have no class XD) pattern goes wrong towards the bottom…Otherwise very nice platform in the classic roblox style…

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Did you even read this:

or you just hating me ?

Im making a joke about how Americans spell the word Chequered…basically im saying Checkered is less “classy” cos it doesn’t have a pointless silent “Q” XD XD XD
But yeah the pattern goes weird half way down, it seems like it should be chequered all the way…
Anyways your stuff is good, lights are good, pillars have a nice edging thing going on, just need more of it… seems like its part of a larger unfinished project…

Really good so far. The only real issue I see is what @PotatoVampire7797 already mentioned, the pattern is a bit off near the bottom. I could see this structure looking really good if linked up together with copies of itself, making something larger. I would also suggest adding Light effects to the neon-material lights you added (or not, it depends on the theme you’re going for)
Keep up the good work! And remember that there’s nothing wrong with asking for help/feedback, just be sure to keep an open mind to criticism.

For a beginner builder or a builder that’s just starting out it’s alright progress the structure of the building normally focusing on the roof the material used looks a little unappealing it would look more better placing a decal - texture (shingles) to have that sort of feel this is something you’ll see on the front of a house.

Insofar that the material choice doesn’t match with the rest of the build. I would replace it with wood planks and change the color to match with it.

Perhaps add some whiter color to the pillars. Grey mixed with white looks here and there; instead of building the front layout have youu ave you taken the chance to build it more further and build it in a actual house?

Otherwise learning and practicing is good to improve your building skills.

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For a beginning builder, you have done much better than I would have! Your lighting is great, but I feel like you should have a different color other than white behind those bricks. It would give a really neat touch. I’m not sure if this would make it look better, but it’s just a suggestion from me!