What do you think I should do with this game?

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So about a few weeks ago i made this cyberpunk city and coded the fps guns along with it. Here is the link to the game: District-12 - Roblox

Here are some pictures because some areas are closed off.

Does anyone have any game ideas for the game. I was thinking something along the lines of an mmo with fps elements. But I can do pretty much anything with the game.


You could have multiple ways to use this map.

You could make a Town and City game where you roam around, interact with other people, like a City Life. You could use The Streets as an example! (But obviously more cyberpunk and modern). I would definitely play a game like that. Since The Streets is more, well, “Ghetto” and “Gangster” (thus “The Streets”) and some people just don’t feel comfortable with all that negativity on them. (Thinking from the average age of a typical Roblox player). It could be like a City Life with a very nice Cyberpunk and realistic effect on it. (I would play that!)

Another way is how you suggested it, an FPS shooter game. I personally see a lot of FPS games coming up lately and I feel like it wouldn’t get as popular since there are so many huge FPS shooter games as of now. (Arsenal, Phantom Forces, Counter Blox) You could do this if you would like but in my opinion, with this good of a map, it would look great if it was a Realistic City Life game. (Like this would probably be the first cyberpunk ultra-realistic game out there!)

In short, I would make a game like The Streets but with a nice Cyberpunk twist, as you suggested. Oh, and by the way, did you make that map, and those graphics, because they are beautiful! Those graphics just drag me in and be eager for the release! (Maybe I’m just so used to low-quality cartoon lighting graphics)

Hopefully, this helped you at least a little… I see great potential for this game! :grin:


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The map looks like it should be more of a hangout place so maybe you should try evolve the game into that.

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I completely agree with Ethan. Although, if you want to make it an FPS… Go for it! Don’t let the popular stuff completely scratch the idea! Underdogs exists!

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Yes I very much see potential in this map. (And in their building skills!!)

If you want to go for an FPS you should just give it a shot!


I remember I had an idea like this but I couldn’t pull it off, so I will just tell it to you. You could make a game where there are jetpacks which people could upgrade, and they could fly around and shoot each other. Also, in the last picture, is that a graphics card?

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Open world fighting game could be cool

This would work as a cyberpunk RP type game like neon district

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