What do you think I would need to know to make a Go-Kart?

What Scripting Skills do you think I would need to know to make a Go-Kart?

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I’ve scripted a (stock car) racing game, and you will probably need to know how to do these major categories:

  • Lap Counter
  • Position Tracker
  • The Go-Kart itself!
  • Race Start & Finish
  • Game passes and/or developer products you may want, including using/modifying Roblox’s transaction scripts for an in-game store
  • Server or global stats

Many of these things you can get as free models/scripts. Depending on the exact feature you may want, you can either use/modify those free models/scripts, or make your own. (Wesley’s timing system and officiating/flag add on. A-Chassis is good for the vehicle too. Those should give you a good start.)

The scripting skills required could be very minimal if you use those free scripts. Custom implementation of those features are intermediate in difficultly, and possibly advanced difficultly depending on what exactly the feature is. Hope that helps!