What do you think is the most efficient method of making a linear tycoon?

A while back, I toyed with the idea of this, which I had failed. (As seen here)

Typically, with linear tycoons, it’s not the most efficient. I’m curious on what you guys think is a scalable and efficient system. (A system you can quickly make audits to)

Hope to see your thoughts. :slight_smile:

We you please explain a bit more about what a linear tycoon is.
I think I understand tycoon but what does the linear mean in connection with that type of game?

I was at first thinking “Simplistic” as it can be thought of as a definition of that word, however if we’re talking about the theme of a tycoon, I also wouldn’t know what it means.

But I agree with your point, we need to know what you mean by “Linear” as it could mean something different.

Something like Bread Factory Tycoon (old example), or Two Player War Tycoon, the most simple form of tycoon. By linear I mean everyone has the same results, everyone’s end tycoon looks the same. It’s a rather simple system compared to other tycoons, and it’s the oldest.

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