What do you think of my car so far? Please give ideas I am running out

So this is my current car I am working on its the Model F I have made the Model J and E So it names Jef Ha A elon moment but heres what I have so far. Please Leave ideas or suggestions. Still working on it so only the front end is done its really inspired by some what of a porshe a Lamborghini Spyder and a lot of other cars and its all hand made by me due to I am a solo creator so I really depend on you guys for ideas,Tips and other stuff. As you can see there are also the other models The model J is the biggest due to its my first they all run and drive
Heres a few pictures:

Heres a video if you want it:
robloxapp-20210815-1052288.wmv (1.3 MB)

It looks great! Make it without roof

Well you are in luck it doesn’t have one!